S O U N D    M I N D    &    B O D Y

Dr. John Arnaldi 

We are pleased to have Dr. John Arnaldi on staff at Serenity Wellness. He offers a rich healing experience to couples and individuals going through major life changes.

• Couples: John teaches practical ways to improve communication, deepen intimacy and bring more joy into their relationship. He also helps couples to renew their romance, passion, and sexual fulfillment.

• Depression: John helps persons struggling with depression to reclaim their lives using effective strategies that increase energy, satisfaction, and peace of mind.

John has been serving families in the bay area for over 30 years. He has a Doctorate in Counselor Education and has taught college courses in ethics and counseling. He was a licensed mental health counselor for 24 years and is a past-president of the Florida Mental Health Counseling Association. Currently he serves on the board of directors of The Bridge Tampa, a non-profit educational organization committed to the creation of a more life-enhancing society.

You can find helpful articles and more information about his services on his website:


Please call John directly to book an appointment at 813-919-7963.