Harm Reduction Therapy

A New approach to substance use

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What is Harm Reduction Therapy?

This is not a 12-step program, which the 12 steps has been a popular methodology for people with drinking and drug problems since its inception in the 1940’s and it works very well for those with symptoms of severe substance use disorders. However, most people who struggle with substance use problems do not meet criteria for such an extreme level of treatment, where it is necessary to cease use of all substances and strive for a spiritual awakening. Most people who drink or use too much are perfectly capable of using less, without necessitating total abstinence.

Through the years, the philosophy of 12-step programs, or what is also known as the “disease model”, has gained popularity to the point that people who drink more than their friends are perceived to have a disease, to be on a downhill slide into the abyss of addiction.

Recently, methods have been developed to help those who simply want to reduce their use of substances to improve functioning and health. This alternative to the disease model has come to be known as Harm Reduction. 

Please contact (813-505-1486) or register online to make an appointment with John McEwen, LMHC who is the certified practitioner of this therapy.